The Santa Cruz Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) program provides a framework for local stakeholders to manage this region’s water and water-related resources. The Santa Cruz IRWM Plan was developed in response to California’s IRWM planning initiative to promote an informed, locally-driven, and consensus-based approach to water resources management.

The IRWM Plan includes strategies for developing and implementing policies and projects to ensure sustainable water use, reliable water supply, better water quality, improved flood protection and stormwater management, and environmental stewardship.  Find out more
Santa Cruz IRWM
The County of Santa Cruz in collaboration with the local agencies, stakeholders and in partnership with the Regional Water Management Foundation (RWMF) updated the IRWM Plan to:
Remain current in addressing region’s challenges
  • Review and update goals and objectives
  • Identify water resource management strategies
  • Complete technical studies
  • Update list of projects from stakeholders
Meet the state’s new IRWM Plan standards
  • Climate change response actions
  • Relation of local water planning and land use planning
This work was funded in part through a competitive grant awarded by the Department of Water Resources and with local agency funds.  

Proposition 1 IRWM DAC Involvement Program

The statewide Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program is intended to ensure the involvement of economically disadvantaged communities (DACs) in regional water planning efforts and to define, understand, and address the water management needs of these communities.

Disadvantaged Community Online Mapping Tool

News and Updates

September 2019 - Central Coast Funding Area Prop 1 Round 1 Workshop

April 2019 - DWR released Prop 1 Implementation Guidelines

October 2018 - DWR released Prop 1 Implementation Funding Information 


The Santa Cruz Region is solicited projects to be considered for an IRWM Implementation grant funding opportunity in 2019. An overview is presented in this information summary

Upcoming Events

Regional Water Mgmt Group Meeting
November 19, 2019 1pm
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
7807 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA