IRWM participants include governmental and non-governmental organizations with authority or interest in water and water-related issues. Participants and stakeholders include water supply, water quality, flood management, stormwater, wastewater, land use, and resource agencies, research institutions, agricultural organizations, environmental organizations, business groups, watershed groups, federal, state, and local agencies and other interested parties.

Regional Water Management Group
  • County of Santa Cruz
  • City of Santa Cruz
  • Soquel Creek Water District 
  • Scotts Valley Water District 
  • San Lorenzo Valley Water District
  • Resource Conservation District Santa Cruz County
  • Santa Cruz County Sanitation District 
  • Davenport Sanitation District 
  • City of Watsonville 
  • Central Water District
  • City of Capitola
  • City of Scotts Valley

Regional Water Management Group includes:

  • Public agencies with an elected or appointed Board; 
  • Agencies with the authority, obligation and responsibility to carry out water resources management within the region’s boundary; and, 
  • Signed the IRWM Memorandum of Agreement.